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Prayer of Humility

Prayer of Humility -- Insights from God’s Word
. . . All of you clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, ''God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.'' Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty Hand, that He may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. - 1 Peter 5:5–7

Prayer of Humility – A Distaste for Selfishness
Prayer: My sweet Jesus – You are a wonder to me! Even though I live in a world that has fallen victim to the corruption of selfishness -- in the midst of that world I find the true Lamb of God patiently waiting for His kids. You cry out for us to take the focus off of ourselves and turn to You. I know there is selfishness embedded very deeply in most of us.

Clearly this morning I recognize Your heart’s cry to set Your people free. Our human tendency toward selfishness -- instead of selflessness -- is being revealed, and I sing with joy at the knowledge that the life of freedom You have planned is about to be granted to those who have died to self and are seeking a true, reverential attitude towards You as their foundation.

The throne of pride upon which so many of us sit is being changed. Your people are becoming alive -- and filled with Your truths -- which are bringing them freedom from hopelessness and helplessness. You have been teaching many of us to treasure a personal, intimate, and living relationship with You as pure gold. You are burning away the spirit of weariness and fruitlessness which has permeated our lives, and are replacing it with purposefulness and joy.

I ask You to ignite this flame of passion that is present today in so many hearts. We have been waiting for so long to speak about Your truths with passion -- as we live lives of surrender -- giving You first place in our hearts, homes, and churches. Ignite the light of truth You have provided for Your kids -- and take Your rightful place of pre-eminence in our lives, churches, and nations. Remind and renew those who have grown weary to put their faith in You and return to lives of surrender and obedience.

My heart screams out with joy this morning knowing that You want Your kids to come into the fullness of Christian maturity and fellowship. You are taking us to the heights where our nature and Yours are joined at the hip – and darkness is set to fleeing. I acknowledge only You can accomplish this -- so I gladly get out of Your way and allow You to have Your way with me.

More clearly than ever before I recognize the power and beauty of Your truths. I fall to my knees humbling myself, believing in ALL You have taught me. This is truly a visionary time for those who believe. There is nothing naïve about true faith – rather it is just the opposite. It opens up the door to heaven itself, and allows us to experience the reality of heaven right here, right now.

This faith You have provided for Your kids has come at a cost -- but it has also come with a promise. There is no way this servant can stay earthbound any longer – not when Your heavenly truths have provided a heavenly vision to help sustain me. It is with our hearts that we believe, and I ask You right now to open closed off hearts to see the kingdom possibilities all around them.

There is a huge army assembling in these days my King! I am convinced that this army is made up of praying people and humble servants of our most Holy, High God. This army doesn’t look like human armies. It is more powerful and more real than anything this earth can possibly offer.

You have begun the march by opening up our spiritual eyes to the realities of the kingdom to come. We are overcoming our fears to step ahead in faith -- knowing that all we need will be provided. You alone are at the head of this army, and You are the heart that propels its fuel.

You have always stood as the mediator between God and man. You have promised in Your Word that when Your people come together they would do so with You at its head. You have raised up great Godly leaders to help prepare the way for this great battle, and they have stepped up to the plate by not claiming anything for themselves. You have rooted out self seeking in our churches and replaced it with simple John the Baptist like faith that us helping to prepare the way for our Lord.

Thank You, my King, that we live in times where we are beginning to see You take Your rightful place -- as You bind us together as one unified Body. To You alone be all the honor and glory.

Prayer of Humility – Making it Personal
Reflect: There is no greater goal any of us can attain than humility. God has been raising up humble leaders and followers in preparation for His return. I would encourage you to spend however much time it takes right now to rid yourself of pride, selfishness, and ego. These things will not last. They will be burned up as Christ takes His rightful place as Lord of your life so He can use you to bring His light of truth to overcome the false pride that presently holds control. He is making His kids ready – don’t miss out by settling for counterfeits that convince you your needs are to be your primary focus. God will meet all the needs of His surrendered ones, and He will use them. He will grant them a vision of His kingdom possibilities – right here, right now. Don’t forget to journal as you surrender to His ways.

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