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Bible Reading and Prayer

Bible Reading and Prayer - Insights from God’s Word
All Scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God will be equipped for every good work. - 2 Timothy 4:16–17

“When the Counselor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, he will testify about me.” - John 14:26

Bible Reading and Prayer - Spiritual Nourishment
Prayer: Father, I stand in awe this morning at the never ending magnificence of Your eternal Kingdom. I cannot help but smile as the revelations of Your spiritual realm are becoming more and more real. Your Holy Word just jumps out at me whenever I read it. The truths spoken there are far deeper than I ever knew, and I thank You because it is Your Holy Spirit who helps me to understand these truths at a deeper level.

The implication for all of our lives is far greater than anything I understood before. I confess in times past I would read and study, but to experience these truths is beyond anything I ever really knew to be possible. How immense is Your Kingdom, and how wonderful it is to get a glimpse of the eternal truths from inside the pages of Your Bible!

Today, Father, I can hardly wait to get inside Your Word. I am in awe at the newly revealed reality of Your truths. It is a humbling experience to realize how tightly I used to hold on to the familiar and comfortable understandings I had in the past. It is also a little frightening to me (in a good away) to recognize how much I would have missed if I had not kept digging. I thank You, Lord, that You refuse to allow me to rest in comfort anymore. You have been in the business of challenging me for quite a while now. Over and over I hear You remind me that I will be as close to You and Your truths as I choose to be.

I am also more aware of my own human limitations, and I can honestly say how relieved I am to live each new day in a surrendered state of mind. As odd as it sounds when I say it, I am relieved to know that every time I surrender to You and follow Your ways, I am somehow seeing a new dimension of Your truths. I really don’t have the proper words to explain it, but this new expectation is worth whatever I had that was laid down.

As humans we understand so little of Your spiritual realm, and yet I know we are still supposed to be living in that spiritual realm right now – right here on this earth. Understanding Your spiritual truths with a mind like Christ is the goal of my life. It is a one day at a time process, but ever since I crossed over the Jordan, the eyes of enlightenment You have given to me and to all of Your surrendered ones has kept me focused and on point.

I pray today for my surrendered brothers and sisters who are everywhere – all around the world. They are a very special gift to me as I recognize Your call on their lives, and can join with them, as together we keep on, keeping on. I ask You to protect them with divine protection from above, releasing the spiritual armor of God and sheltering them every day – sealing them from permanent injury. I ask You to reveal Yourself and manifest Your Presence to them as they obediently labor in Your harvest fields – wherever You have planted them.

Father, the need I have from deep within is a spiritual gift You have given me to sustain and encourage me – and I am grateful that I finally get this. It has become a profound truth recognizing that ahead of me lays more and more revelations of Your Scriptural truths-- as well as a deeper understanding of the application of these truths for my daily walk. Thank You that You have seen to it that I would be hungry – more than simple hunger – that I would be desperate for Your truths, seeking You out as if my very life depended on it – as it really does. Protect me, my family and church, and all with whom I journey on this exciting path of life – which I know in the end will lead me into Your Presence and the fullness of Your truths. To You be all the honor and glory!

Bible Reading and Prayer- Making it Personal
Reflect: Are you aware there is a deeper revelation of Bible truths specifically for you? Are you aware God’s design has always been to lead you to this deeper understanding that in His timing will result in a life of great substance here on this earth – and an eternity of rewards in the kingdom to come? Do you sense at all an urgency coming from God calling you to get on your knees in surrendered prayer so you can be among the last ones standing for Christ? I would encourage you to prayerfully consider these questions and have a conversation with God who is waiting for you to knock on His door, where He waits to deepen your walk here on this earth. One caution, this is not the time to falter and fall backwards as the times are near when you will need a depth of wisdom only God can give you

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