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Sympathy Poems

Sympathy Poems
by Gloria Small

In times of loss, many turn to poetry to find comfort. As you consider these sympathy poems, we pray that your heart will find comfort and peace during this difficult time in your life.

Sorrow's End
by Gloria Small

Sorrow trips into our lives
to catch our breath away
snatching wind from beneath our wings
leaving tears in the wake of its way.
Yet sorrow is but a season
And not an abiding place.
Infusing our souls with purpose
and laying foundations for grace.

It is sorrow that teaches the difference
twixt pain with the presence of peace.
And a foolish walk in our own strength
that leaves suffering without a cease.
Oh to learn the great lessons of sorrow!
Oh to know through the pain of our loss!
For tis straight from the heart of our Savior
the victory was won on the cross.
Sorrow doth not have dominion.
We are more than conquerors in Him.
He carried the burden of sorrow
and paid the full price for our sin.

Sorrow then has at its ending
a course for the soul to be still.
And rest in the strength of the Master
to stand in the good of His Will.
Oh, joy that comes in the morning!
I welcome your entrance so sweet.
And I look for the hope of His promise
That sorrow will end at His feet.

"I Am Left"
by Gloria Small

I am left with just a picture
in my heart and in my mind.
The image of my daughter
that I close my eyes to find.

I am left with just my memories
of time now long past.
The childhood scenes and hopes
and dreams that did not seem to last

I am left with sweet assurance
that my grieving soul awaits.
For I'll meet her in the morning
just inside the eastern gates.

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