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Poems About Jesus

Poems About Jesus - His Death

by Kristin Windsor

The shadow and the gloom
Doth mark my sin with doom
           Take a breath
           Then the death
As lightning comes with thunder’s boom.

He cries out to Father as sky grows gray
As friends look on with a prayer of dismay
           He’ll take a breath
           Then crucified death
All for me; and we’ll forever remember this day.

Poems About Jesus - His Relationship with Me

by Kristin Windsor

You are the breath I breathe when I'm all alone.
You are the memory of the sun when it once shone.
You are the all in all required to live.
You are every laugh and every smile I give.
You are the peace of night and the hope of day.
You are the love I want to forever stay.
You show that love is not just a cliché.
You are every word I speak, everything I say.
You are the light, the truth, the only way.
You are the message of hope put on display.
You lead me home when I fall astray.
You mold my life like hands mold clay.
Your presence surrounds me and shan't ever sway.
You clear the skies when they're too gray.
You satisfy like no other can allay.
You help change my mood when I'm filled with dismay.
You urge me to love, be patient, obey.
You desire me to consistently / constantly pray.
You are the choice of good or bad.
You are calmness when I get mad.
You are the everlasting fad.
You are the shoulder when I'm sad.
You are the rainbow after the storm.
You are able to help me transform.
You help me to love patiently and forgive.
You are the all in all required to live.

by Kristin Windsor

Walls cave in.
Storm rages on.
Flood rains down.
No sign of dawn.
A voice calls out.
I look around.
There is nothing
save one sound.
It is the Lord
calling to me.
He is where
I’d rather be.
Madness stops.
He reaches down,
lifts me up
so I won’t drown.
The dark day is
now turn to light
with God’s glory
shining bright.

by Kristin Windsor

All shooting stars have fallen,
All sunshine has burnt out,
All blueness was erased
And now the sky is sinking
Into the anchored horizon,
Leaning upon the galaxies
Auctioned away from mankind
To Hands much larger,
More caring, gentle,
And, yes, More loving.
All shooting stars have fallen
But not all wishes are disgarded
Because Hands bigger than pain
Wipe away the tears, the fears,
And all unheard wishes are
Gathered into Hands
That sort them out, one by one,
And transform them into
Heartfelt prayers
And sends to each
An answer - a yes, a no, a maybe -,
And Hands inscribe a message,
A signature, an "iloveyou"
Into each answer and
Into each heart.
All shooting stars have fallen
But not all wishes are ungranted
As Hands cradle every child
And lovingly whisper
All that needs to be said:,
That "All shooting stars have fallen
But I have not forgotten you because

by Kristin Windsor

i don’t need to see His face of light.
i don’t need to touch His wonder nor wounds.
i don’t need to hear His actual voice.
…although i want to.

i needn’t mock His ways.
i needn’t shout His alleged wrongdoings.
i needn’t crave His power.
…although i did.

i shouldn’t regret following Him.
i shouldn’t falter in choosing right.
i shouldn’t feel bad glancing away from tempting opportunities.
…although i do.

i cannot fathom His vastness.
i cannot imagine His true glory.
i cannot calculate the length of eternity.
…although i wish i could.

i wish not to mar His holy name.
i wish not to misuse His knowledge.
i wish not to misguide His followers.
…although i have.

i wouldn’t miss a chance to serve,
nor avoid silence to avoid prayer,
nor dodge the call to lead this righteous fight.
…although my sinful self directs me in this manner.

i couldn’t push beyond today and its despairing hopelessness.
i couldn’t forget nor even forgive Yesterday’s mistakes.
i couldn’t grasp patience, peace, hope, nor selflessness.
…although i can with His merciful aid.

Poems About Jesus - He Sustains Me

by Kristin Windsor

Sweat drops from furrowed brow.
Work night and day but live somehow.
Labor hard today and tomorrow.
Cast off despairing shadowy sorrow…
           Were we created for this?
With a shout and a tear
And a pain so severe.
Heart wears the Frown
For Hope has let down…
           Were we meant for this?
Confused and alone,
We strive for our own
To cling with control,
To captivate soul…
           Is this why we were created?
A prayer shot through the pain
While mind wanders, insane.
The drought will not end
Until peace we befriend…
           Is this how we were made?
Reliance not on self with arrogance
Though, logically, faith makes little sense
But to trust on He who died on tree
And to show the world how we’re meant to be.
           And we were created for this.

by Kristin Windsor

This is how things were meant to be,
this life clicking silently into an autumn dream
full of falling leaves and changing seasons
that pass the days by with smiling sun
and the stars glistening with hopeful grins
and the moon to smirk upon night's peace.

Living on borrowed time, I've become
who you dared me to be,
speaking mind quite freely,
Not once looking back
upon the words you forbid me to believe—
for they became my world, my all,
leading me to Fate's ardent call,
procuring a pathway I'd not seen before,
opening eyes to a truth I'd never recognized.

I've lived on borrowed time
in a body not belonging to me
with a heart I'll never understand,
a mind I'll never fully control,
a memory I'll forever fail to file,
a being I'll never rightfully own,
a soul forever belonging to its Maker.
I am an instrument, intended for success,
prepared for Fate's whisper and shout, blessing and curse.

I live on borrowed time from my Creator
that instills every breath I breathe,
every passion I follow, every thought
that inspires my beliefs and motions
in this life I'm living on borrowed time.

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We have all sinned and deserve God’s judgment. God, the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus, the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried, and rose from the dead according to the Bible. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior, declaring, "Jesus is Lord," you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.

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I am a follower of Jesus

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How can I know God?

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