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Poems About Aging

Poems about Aging
by Gloria Small

Poems about aging express thoughts that are sometimes humorous, sometimes heartfelt, some express questions on why life is difficult. Consider these poems about aging.

Poems about Aging - Good Ole Days!
I look back to the good ole days often now it seems
the glass that I am looking through is cluttered with past dreams.
The things I would accomplish the wonders I would do
have all been relegated to the list named "A thing or two."

My good intentions have succumbed to necessity of time
and of the aims that I once yearned I find no longer mine.
Life happened while I waited for my perfect life to start
and brought along some changes to my mind and to my heart.

I've grown up with some measure of dignity intact.
Although the path I've traveled was not my dreamed of track.
I've found that love and giving of self is not a chore
and when that love is given it always fosters more.

So now I face the mirror with its lines and graying head
and understand that aging is not a thing to dread.
With every year of grace I have my journey shorter grows.
And at the end the darkened glass is washed by One Who knows.

Although I do not see His plan or purpose for it here
when I arrive in Glory His reason will be clear.
And in His presence I will stand the "good ole days" all past
with His image my true visage a perfect life at last.

God's Quilt
by Gloria Small

Of pieces that make up my life,
from many fabrics torn,
some are new and beautiful,
some are old and worn.

Here a thread of silver
there a few of gold.
And there are grays and blues and
blacks among the bright and bold.
Some fabrics wear the jewels of joy,
others scarred with pain.
Fabrics here are traced with loss,
others wreathed with gain.

Seen apart and separate, they
show no purpose clear.
You see, the pattern set of them
cannot be viewed from here.
He Who does the quilting
sets the pieces from above.
Carefully, He chooses them
and binds all with His Love.

He has thus designed for me
the fabric of His Grace.
Quilted, every piece is fitted
lovingly in place.
And patterned by His Mercy,
my life for e'er shall be,
assembled with His Masterpiece
for all eternity.

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