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Worthy of Worship

QUESTION: Worthy of Worship - God is so Worthy!


Worthy of Worship – Insights from God’s Word
God is Spirit and His worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth. - John 4:24

Worthy of Worship - It's All About Worship
Prayer: Lord, I fall to my knees this morning knowing how worthy You are of our worship -- in all of its forms. I fall to my knees as I recognize the face of my God shining down on me from His heavenly dwelling place and drawing me to Himself. As the force of Your Presence hits my human heart, I am breathless.

As I gaze into the beauty of Your face, I acknowledge that once again today, we are about to embark on a journey. I also acknowledge that before we can begin, it is vitally necessary that we recognize who we are serving and how worthy You are of our worship. To me, a day that begins without a time of praise and worship, calling on Your name, is a day that will not fulfill its true potential. Every day You desire to take us deeper, and that means that I start every single day in prayer and thanksgiving. It is here in this still quiet place that I have learned to listen to Your still small voice -- and I am grateful for Your grace.

You are more real to me than the food I eat and the clothes I wear. I acknowledge I still don’t completely understand You or Your ways, but I am sustained every moment of every day by the worship that sings from my spirit and touches the very heart of my God. Without this worship, I simply tend to stumble and stutter.

As I spend these few moments with You today, I know You are going to take me deeper -- and that if my eyes stay focused on You, and my ears are tuned in to Your wavelength, I need not fear. I am hearing You remind me of something I heard someone say once, "We are not just human beings having a temporary spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.” How grateful I am that years later You reminded me of this and blessed my day with a fresh new awareness of why worship is so very important. It is indeed all about You, Jesus, and my spirit groans in anticipation of what this really means.

I desire to spend my day today in sensitivity to my spiritual being -- praying that with each new revelation of Your truths, I will be filled from deep within, as my spirit moans in worship, and You are given all the credit for whatever I will do this day. How I desire to have my life be a life of daily worship -- even though I know this can be very costly, and require many sacrifices on my part.

I am not afraid to express my emotions to You, my King, and I pray for all my brothers and sisters that they will fall to their knees in worship as they encounter You. I pray they will be silent before You for as long as it takes so they can hear the secrets You have to share with them. Then I pray that as You release them into their own day, they will be sensitive all through the day to the leading of the Holy Spirit as they work, play, and pray.

I pray at the end of their day, each of my brothers and sisters will have encountered You for themselves, and that they will shout for joy at what You have accomplished through them that day. As they close their eyes tonight, I pray they will send up a shout of praise and worship to You for all you do every day of their lives. I then ask You to fertilize their rest with Your spiritual seed that will be fresh and new when they awaken.

To You, Jesus, I shout in praise -- Glory! Glory! Glory to the King! All praise and honor are Yours. May the work of our hands be received as a humble sacrifice and may it be pleasing to You. Thank You, Jesus, for all You do, and for all that You have planned for our future. I am excited and anticipating great things!

Worthy of Worship – Making it Personal
Reflect: Worship -- it’s all about worship. We need to be aware that our lives are an expression of our worship to God. Every new morning you have the opportunity to dedicate your day to Him, and ask Him to lead and guide you along your journey. When you begin your day acknowledging who He is and what He has done, your life will be fuller, your spiritual being will be filled, as God reacts to this genuine act of love. There is literally no end to the possibilities of what you can accomplish. However, without worship as your covering, you are in danger of stepping out in your own strength. Spend a few moments right now thanking Him for your joys, your strengths, and your struggles -- ask Him to reveal His secrets to you through Your worship -- then sit back and anticipate great things -- He is faithful to accomplish what you ask of Him!

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