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Worship Through Prayer

QUESTION: Worship Through Prayer - An Important Aspect

ANSWER: Worship Through Prayer – Insights from God’s Word
Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music; make music to the Lord with the harp and the sound of singing, with trumpets and the blast of the ram’s horn -- shout for joy before the Lord, the King. - Psalm 98:4–6

Worship Through Prayer - Everything Begins with Worship
Prayer: Father God, all I seem to hear today is Your call to worship. This morning I clearly hear the bell ringing reminding me that everything begins with worship. I fall to my knees in gratitude for this reminder, as once again, my day begins with the safety net You surround me with, as my heart begins to sing, and my mind clears, and my focus turns toward You.

As I begin my day, I recognize it is You that draws me into this quiet place, and now as I quietly sit here, You are helping to navigate this time together. You meet me here and remind me that it all makes sense only because of my devotion to You and Your great love for me.

I am so grateful this morning as I realize that no matter what gets thrown at me -- no matter how confusing or hurtful the circumstances of my life may become, You stand ready to shine Your bright light into these circumstances because of Your great love for me. You will never let me drown completely. You always manage to throw me a life preserver when I really need one. You give me stability in a rapidly changing world, and You remind me often that I can trust You because You do what You say You do.

Today, my Father, I sense You drawing me closer to reveal a new and exciting truth. I sense You are trying to communicate with a lot of us right now through Your Holy Spirit. I also recognize that many of us are struggling against Your attempt to reach out to us. So my prayer today is to ask You to remind each and every one of us that it all begins and ends with a heart of worship. You are pleased by hearts surrendered to You -- hearts that are grateful even when they are under attack. A heart of worship seeking fulfillment in the only way it can -- a relationship with the One they worship.

I pray Your Holy Spirit would show each one of us the areas of our lives that we are still refusing to release to Your full control. I ask Your Holy Spirit to release His passion in each one of us so that our worship will stand the test of time. I pray we will recognize the opportunities we have every day to lift our voices in praise and thanksgiving to our King who paid the cost necessary for our eternal reward.

Help us to live a life of worship -- a life that breathes thanksgiving and praise -- a life that is willing to sacrifice its own comfort to reach out to others. Help us to keep reminding ourselves that it is all about You -- not us -- we cannot remember this often enough! Help us Father to be sensitive to Jesus’ heart -- help us to give You Your due, and to be willing to lay it all down for the cause of Christ -- because we love You and we love Your people. Help us to give glory to You by living lives of sacrifice -- the true sacrifice that comes from the depth of love that goes beyond the earth and soars into the heavenly places.

Help us to recognize the countless times You have saved our lives by speaking into our lives. Help us to recognize how often You have given us a vision of possibilities beyond our human understanding to help us to help others.

I do want to sing from the roof tops -- ring the loudest bell I can find, and sound the trumpet in Zion -- knowing You are approaching just over the ridge, and knowing that I am being prepared right now so I will be ready for whatever lies ahead of me!

I choose to hold nothing back from You today -- I choose to take Your Hand and follow Your lead, and I choose to do it all with a heart of gratitude and praise for all You have done for me. To You be all the honor and glory!

Worship Through Prayer – Making it Personal
Reflect: A heart of true worship is a fresh, pleasing aroma to the King of Kings. He waits for us to express ourselves to Him -- in song, in prayer, in service -- in joy and in sorrow. His heart turns to our hearts with a clarity of vision that only comes from a heart that worships Him. He holds nothing back from His surrendered children, and His revelations are the life blood we need to sustain our day to day lives. Without His wisdom, vision, strength, love, etc., we will simply continue walking about in circles making very little progress. Bow your head in worship right now and thank Him for all He has done for you.

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