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Walk with God

QUESTION: Walk with God – Walking in Tandem


Walk with God – Walking Tightly Together
Prayer: Lord, my heart cries out this morning asking forgiveness for the presumptuous nature of man -- and for my own presumption. The more You reveal yourself to me as the Holy and awesome God of Scripture, the more I realize how easy it has been to fall victim to this sin. I grieve this morning, Lord, for the times I have taken for granted all You do. All around me every day are multiple examples of Your power, beauty, love, and majesty. Yet, how often I walk right by it -- and even when I am aware, I overlook the price you paid to share this glory with me.

My King, You are worthy of so much more than we -- as your children -- offer to You. What really wounds me this morning is the realization that I often simply presume on my relationship with You, without stopping to thank you for all You do for me every single day. The Bible reminds me that You were only to be "smitten" once for our sins -- and after that you were not to be struck again. Yet, how often we misuse what You have given us. How often we take the authority You have given us and turn it for our good and misuse it. We are all I am sure -- in one way or another -- guilty of this. But clearly You are reminding me that this is something I need to work on -- something we all need to work on.

More than ever I see my need for a Savior. More than ever I see my own human weaknesses and realize how much I need you for wisdom and strength and the example of Your love. How foolish I often am as I attempt to handle the issues of my life by myself without reaching out and seeking the help of my own leaders. This is a most devious pride that I have only recently recognized in myself. To know that You love me enough to show me where I am falling short is a humbling experience. But it was necessary.

Lord, I know we are never going to be perfect in this world – but I also know we need to have an attitude of humility towards You so that we are prepared and ready to receive Your truths with Your heart -- and to move out in Your timing. It is far too easy for us to presume on Your grace -- especially because that grace was freely given to us. It’s a treasure we receive that was given to us at a very severe cost. We should not grab hold of anything prematurely until we are sure we have been given Your permission.

Help us, Lord, to walk tightly with You so that we easily hear that "still small voice" of our God. You are working all around us every day, and You have made provisions for all we will ever need. Still, we need to have an attitude of thankfulness. "Forgive me!" I cry for the many times I have simply become the beneficiary of Your grace and have failed to even acknowledge, much less thank You ,for all You do for me and for those for whom I pray.

I pray specifically for all the leaders of this great Body who have been appointed by You to serve You and Your people. I pray for their awareness to increase, so they will be alert to the spiritual gifts they have received to lead us, and the manner and timing in which they are to use them. I pray for humility of spirit and I ask You to protect them from pride and selfishness which if left unattended, could result in a fall. I know that Satan is striking out right now at our leaders trying to discourage and confuse. He is trying to bring down the works they have accomplished for You and to replace those works with his own counterfeits. This cannot be allowed to happen, Jesus. I pray against that, asking for an army of prayer warriors to arise and step up and step out in faith to protect the leadership in the places where they serve.

We were never intended to walk this walk by ourselves. We need each other, and we need You above all, manifesting Yourself to us in ways that we can not deny. You stand ready to help all who call on Your name, and You are using our leaders today to get Your army ready for a battle that is just on the horizon. We are also told to not walk in fear but in Your strength and under Your power. We do not have to strive -- You are sufficient for every need.

How do I thank You, my King, for the heads -- up You give Your kids. Every day is a new opportunity to receive new revelations of Your truths -- to draw closer to You. I am grateful for your reminder also this morning, Lord, that unless I am faithful in small things, the odds are I will not be faithful in larger things. That also tells me that when we walk at higher levels of authority, we cannot get away with what we previously could at lower levels. This is a very sobering thought for me -- but I am grateful for the heads-up. May all we do this day bring You the honor and glory you deserve.

Walk with God – Making it Personal Reflect: Presumption is something we all need to guard our hearts against. It is very easy to fall victim to it as it is often disguised and hard to recognize. The first line of defense is a humble and contrite heart along with an attitude of thankfulness for what God has given us. The more aware we become of His grace and mercy, the stronger our shield of protection against presumption will be. Remember, God’s timing is the goal -- we do not want to be ahead of him or behind him -- but we want to walk in tandem with Him.

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We have all sinned and deserve God’s judgment. God, the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus, the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried, and rose from the dead according to the Bible. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior, declaring, "Jesus is Lord," you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.

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