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Prayer Confessions

QUESTION: Prayer Confessions - A Prayer of Repentance


Prayer Confessions – Insights from God’s Word
All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. - 2 Timothy 3:16–17

''Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.'' - Matthew 7:13–14

Prayer Confessions - Loving Correction
Prayer: Lord, I acknowledge even before I begin praying that I am in an odd place this morning. I feel as if I am on a path -- a very narrow path. I know there is something about this narrow path You would have me understand. So I pause and pray for Your Holy Spirit’s discernment -- and for Your wisdom to help me unwrap whatever it is You are trying to help me understand.

I am clear about one point, Jesus -- that my life matters and the stakes are very high -- as eternal life rests on the outcome. I know Your disciplining hand well as I often have felt Your loving correction -- which most of the time saved me from myself and my own pride and selfishness. This issue of pride seems to come up over and over again as You tenderly help me to avoid its pitfalls -- which are often very cleverly disguised.

I must admit I am very grateful this morning for those moments when You have taken me to task -- reminding me how very important my path is -- and helping me to see that it is a narrow path -- and getting more narrow with each step I take. It has proven to be the moments when You were distant from me that saved me from myself - as I was usually headed off this narrow path into a season of uselessness.

I am grateful You have saved me by Your disciplining hand as You have shown me how dangerous even the smallest sin can be for me. One thing You have shown me over and over again is how important it is to not take You or Your truths lightly. I have experienced the folly of this many times over the years as You have shown me how dangerous it is for our relationship - to be casual or lukewarm about this narrow path of life we are on.

Your Word has become my true treasure. I desire the refreshment, correction and wisdom I find there more than I desire any "reward" this world can offer. Your Word has proven true over and over again, and I honestly know that ALL my answers are there if I will take the time to seek them out. For example, just this morning You reminded me the more severe Your corrections were in my life, the higher the calling You had on my life. For me this is proof positive of Your love for me and for Your people.

Every day now is a challenge to trust You -- and I know if it had not been for the times I endured Your disciplines, I would never have grown to be as strong as I am today. That said, I know I am still but one step away from falling -- which I know is why You showed me this morning how narrow my path of life is becoming.

I ask You this day, my King, to grow my faith and my trust. It is only in You that I stand a chance of overcoming to the end, so I pray for a miracle of faith that will deliver me from myself and result in a deeper understanding of who You are and how You work through Your kids. Thank You that coming to know Your goodness and Your faithfulness has given me the courage I needed, to this point, to persevere.

Like the Centurion in Matthew 8:8, I want to demonstrate a great faith that pleases You and helps me to draw closer to Yourself. I don’t want to live a life based on my own simple understanding and experiences. I want to soar on eagle's wings into the realm of infinite possibilities where I have a clear view of how You work in this world. I am under Your authority as Your child, and I recognize this means it is possible to achieve a far greater depth of faith than I now possess.

You have proven to me over and over again throughout my life that You will never turn away from me -- no matter how often I stray off the path. My experience with You has given me great hope for what the future holds - and I choose today to take another step of faith which will please You and lead me to a place of greater understanding. I choose to build my future on Your grace, hope, love and joy. This is my haven of safety - the place where I rest - as I prepare myself to obey when You call.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your convictions, for Your love, and Your mercy, and for Your faithfulness which has seen me through and kept me marching on this very narrow path I now walk on. May all I do today and always bring glory to You, my King -- who gave Your life for me - and made it possible for my journey in this life to be full of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, meekness, faithfulness, and self control.

Prayer Confessions – Making it Personal
Reflect: I have come to understand over time how very narrow the path of life is that I walk on. For a season I was confused as to why I often felt I was being dealt with severely by the Lord. But it was in that season that I recognized how much love He had for me as He refused to let me fall away. Instead He used those disciplining times to make me stronger. My walk over the years has been designed by my God to increase my faith and trust in Him and His ways -- which is exactly why the path I walk on is very narrow. To be used by God for His purposes is a great privilege and we must not take it lightly. It brings loving correction from our God when we stumble, but it also results in a stronger faith and deeper trust which leads to a life of fruit. You do have a choice therefore whether You want to accept His convictions and move into a future of infinite possibilities. It is a sad fact, but many people jump off the path just prior to the moment that God was about to use them in a mighty way. Don’t let that happen. Accept God’s convictions - and move ahead in true freedom. Jumping off the path of life only leads to a season of pain. Journal!

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