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Challenge Complacency

QUESTION: Challenge Complacency -

ANSWER: Challenge Complacency – Insights from God’s Word
''But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.'' - Jeremiah 17:7–8

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and mind in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:6–7

Challenge Complacency – Don’t fall asleep!
Prayer: Lord, this morning as I approached You, I was struck by the realization that far too many of us in the Body of Christ are falling asleep. Pressures and anxieties are effectively preventing us from fulfilling the mandate You have for our lives. As I entered this time with You, I realized that it was in this place that all answers are found -- as You work in us daily to remove the burdens we have allowed to overtake us.

I am so grateful in this moment, Lord Jesus, to hear Your "still small voice" remind me I do not have to live like the rest of the world. I do not have to give in to anxiety, confusion, or depression. These are strongholds that can be done away with. Satan has been very successful in derailing many of us by getting us focused on these issues when You have told us to be anxious for nothing.

You grabbed my heart just recently as You reminded me of the incredible power a thankful heart has to overcome. One of the greatest weapons You have given Your Body is trusting You -- which I acknowledge is often very difficult. However, in this moment I can hear You shouting that time is vital if we are to overcome and persevere to the end. As Your Scriptures remind us, we are not to fear when times are tough -- for if we do we will cease to be effective for You.

I confess, Lord, that not too long ago I found myself becoming anxious again about some personal issues -- and faster than the blink of an eye, I found myself back in the arena of the fear of man -- where I quite quickly began to struggle. It happened so fast I was not even aware of it -- until I spent some time with You, allowing You to speak to my heart and convict me by showing me where I had once again veered off Your path of life.

You rescued me swiftly and as You helped me back on my feet, my restoration brought me to a place of great thanksgiving where You showed me how easy it is to fall backwards and how displeasing this is to You who gave Your ALL for me.

Your Word has reminded me many times about the importance of humility and the danger of pride. Knowing that humility leads to dependence on You, I am often confounded by my own stupidity as I attempt to hold on to my anxieties -- instead of putting them all on You. There is no one who cares for me more than You do. Your track record with me is one of faithfulness when I am not. Over and over You have charged me to maintain a humble attitude and a grateful heart. When I have camped in that campground on my journey up the mountain it has always borne fruit and brought me renewed strength.

I am praying for my brothers and sisters today, Lord, asking You to set them free from anxieties -- which will only lead to deeper problems if not handled quickly. Give them Your power and strength to refuse to deal with these thoughts when they come. Grant them Your convictions causing them to turn to You in prayer -- which allows You to get rid of their fears. I also ask You for wisdom so Your Body can be given a heads up before they stumble and fall. Remind them at the first sign of anxiety, irritability, etc. that it is the enemy at work trying to derail them from Your purposes.

I know, Lord, we sometimes have to step out of our fears to be set free -- so if there is anyone praying this prayer who is caught up in the fear of man, I ask You to release them now by revealing this subtle counterfeit of the enemy which has attacked them. I ask You to accomplish in them what that fear was attempting to destroy. Give them a grateful heart as these fears leave and help them to maintain an attitude of gratitude -- which I know leads to dependence -and the recognition that You alone are our most powerful weapon. Remind them in the ensuing days and nights of the joy to be found in spending time with You -- and cast out any attempts Satan might throw at them to derail them from this vitally needed intimacy with You.

If repentance is needed, my King, remind them of Your Word that tells us when we repent, You will bring us refreshment from the truth of Your Presence in our lives. Satan cannot stand against Your Presence and that puts us on the path of freedom God has prepared. Thank You, Jesus, for Your faithfulness to me and to all who pray this prayer. To You be all the honor and glory!

Challenge Complacency – Making it Personal
Reflect: In my Bible study I often am led to speak about the dangers of anxieties, confusion, depression, etc. These are classic warning signs of a dangerous attitude beginning to creep into our hearts which leads to a lukewarm and complacent attitude toward Jesus and His truths. In these days we need to be wise and cunning ourselves as we actively war against these seemingly insignificant attitudes. I still believe from my own life that fear (especially the fear of man -- seeking the approval of man instead of God) has been Satan’s most effective tool in the Body of Christ. The antidote is a thankful heart and time spent with Him. This takes effort but the rewards are the renewal of Your passion for Him -- which always leads to a fulfilled and happy life -- not carefree -- but full of joy and peace -- even in the midst of the greatest darkness in your life. Take a hard look at your own fears! Remember to journal!

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